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Creating your App logo without a designer? 5 sites that will help.

3rd July 2017


Creating your App logo without a designer? 5 sites that will help.

Nothing beats having a professional designer create your custom logo and branding, however if you’re not yet in a position to hire one then the following tools are a good choice to get you started.

AI powered logo creation.

Logojoy walks you through a set of questions to get an understanding of the type of logo you’re interested in. It then creates a huge range of different options for you to choose from. I’ve found its’ logo designs to be pretty good. Once you’ve decided on a logo, prices start from around $20 to download the assets.

Auto-generate logos

Similar to Logojoy above, Logopony allows you to generate your logo based on your choices of colors, icons and slogans. Payment starts at $19 as a one-off for your logo assets.

Startup logos

Logolix doesn’t have it’s own creator tool and instead has a large range of pre-created designs to choose from. These are a combination of free and exclusive designs.

Canva’s Logo Creation Tool

Canva has a load of great design tools which I’ve found to be extremely easy to use. Their logo designer is no exception. Beautifully simple to use and highly customizable logos. For the most part you’ll be able to get it all done free. They do have some paid layouts as well but they’re mostly around $1. Definitely a tool I’ll use more often.

Squarespace Logo Designer

Squarespace are better known for their web hosting and so it makes sense for them to have a free logo creator with which to entice their customers onto their packages. The logo designer is really easy to use and is again highly customizable. It takes minutes to get your logo ready.

I hope the above sites help you make a start on your logo design. If you have any of your own favorites please let me know in the comments. Be sure to click the 💜 icon to let others know.


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