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How To Launch A Journal App in 24 Hours

12th February 2019


How To Launch A Journal App in 24 Hours

We’ve just gone live with an awesome new offering in our code store. Diary and Journal allows users to create a daily journal of their thoughts. Users can also attach a photo to each daily post to help summarize their day 😎😎

Diary and Journal is a fully functioning app with a neat monthly calendar view. Each day is represented with a card allowing users to get a quick look at the entire month. Each of the days where an entry has been added shows a small snippet from the entry as well as showing the photo as the background of the card.

Switching months is an absolute breeze with the scroll-able monthly selector always visible at the top. The prominent display of the ‘Today’ button at the top allows users to quickly start entering the journal entry for the present day

Diary and Journal Home Screen

We’ve absolutely loved working on the development of this. We’re certain you’ll love the User Experience, quality of the design and the underlying code.

You can check out the full details over on our Code Store. Get the code today and start your next project off with a massive head start 🚀🚀

Co-Founder and CEO of Redbeard, Ansar is focused on helping developers and app entrepreneurs launch their apps with minimal fuss.